I didn't give up without a fight ...
unfortunatly, I lost...

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   NEWS FLASH! ...After trying everything I could think of we are being evicted and must leave our home on September 30 2010  
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and thank you for your interest

This site was originally created on June 26, 2007 in an effort to right a wrong.
The links at the left will guide you to other sections where you can learn more about
why I decided to post a whole lot of information about the situation my husband
and I have found ourselves in. While I often speak about the house and our situation
in the first person, that's only because while my husband is out trying to earn a living,
I take care of the paperwork.
Please don't get the idea that I'm alone in this by the way I present the information.

Another goal of this site is to help people before they end up in similar circumstances in
a desperate attempt to try to keep their home.
Please DO...
... link to this site.
Tell people about it.
Talk about it at work, school, at a party...
Recommend this as a story to your local news papers and TV stations.
We can sure use the publicity to help spread the word not only about us, but about
other people like us who are facing difficult times.
We also need to get permanent National laws passed to protect home owners from
predators and questionable home ownership programs.


...Thursday September 30th 2010 will be our last day in our home of 20 years.
The bank could have worked with us; the VA could have worked with us,
the court could have given us more time but in the end everyone passed the buck
and the system failed us.

Why aren't Veterans with a VA loans eligible for the same home save programs
available to the general public?
Why do veterans actually have to be homeless before they're eligible for a VA VASH?
housing voucher?
Why are there NO agencies that have funds to help people with moving expenses?
If you're becoming homeless help with rent is kind of pointless, you need help moving
and storing your belongings while you try to find someplace to live.

...on Tuesday December 15th 2009 at 11AM the house was auctioned off and as no one
met the asking price it reverted back to the bank. We have a VA loan so the VA will take
possesion and ultimatly put the house up for sale. We live in Massachusetts so fortunatly
we don't have to move out right away. We'll have a few weeks to possible a few months
to find someplace else to live. I'll try to continue adding information to this site to help
other people who still have their home to keep them.
Thank you to everyone who tried to help us Save Our House.

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On September 4th 2007, the Massachusetts Attorney General put into effect a
Permanent Law to help protect people from 'Foreclosure Rescue Schemes'
See the LAW link for more details.